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Here are some documents you may find useful:

Yellow lab puppy sits on concrete step with green grass behind her

Goal Behaviors Eval Worksheet

Please fill this worksheet out just before evals with Lauren. See the Goal Behaviors Explained document for detailed explanations of each behavior.

A black lab puppy sits on a red deck

Goal Behaviors Explained

These are the goal behaviors we hope to teach our puppies. This corresponds to the Goal Behaviors Eval Worksheet that we fill out for evaluations with Lauren.

A yellow lab puppy looks into the distance; a blue door is behind him

GDB's YouTube Training Videos

Click here to be redirected to GDB's training videos.

A black lab puppy with snowflakes on her face looking at the camera

Vet Flow Chart

Use this when you need to take your puppy to the vet. Please remember (unless it's an emergency), contact your leader first.

A yellow lab puppy with curious eyebrows looks at the camera

Bland Diet for Diarrhea

Here is the Bland Diet guidelines for diarrhea or vomiting.

A black lab puppy in his green GDB vest held by a girl with a green shirt

Fecal Scoring Chart

Use this chart to determine what level of diarrhea your dog is experiencing. 

A yellow lab puppy with a black gentle leader looks at the camera


Here's some helpful information if your dog has diarrhea.

A black lab puppy tilts his head; his tongue is peeking out of his mouth


Here is some helpful information if your dog is vomiting.


Example Sitter Feedback Form

Here are some examples of Helpful and Not So Helpful Sitter Feedback.

A black lab is looking at the camera with perked ears

GDB Communities Link

Current club members: use this link to get to our Communities page where you can fill out monthly reports, see phase reports, and much more!

A yellow lab puppy looks at the camera with perked ears

Puppy Sitter Form

See page 1 - fill this form out when taking your puppy to a sitter.

A black lab puppy tilts her head while looking at the camera

Puppy Sitter Feedback Form

See page 2 - sitters will use this form to provide feedback to the raiser and club leader about a puppy's stay with them. 

A yellow lab puppy looks at the camera

Socialization Guide

Use this Socialization Guide to help determine appropriate outings for your puppy.

A black lab puppy in a field of pumpkins looks at the camera

Relieving Log

Use this form when asked for a Relieving Log.

A yellow lab puppy with a red bow around her neck

RTD Ride for Free

RTD has generously agreed to allow GDB puppies in training and their (one) handler to ride for free. Here is the memo.

A black lab puppy is kissed by a girl

Travel Request Form

Fill out this form when requesting to travel with your puppy.

A golden retriever puppy looks at the camera; her tongue is hanging out

Clip Marks Explained

Have you ever wondered why your puppy's shoulder or hip was shaved? Here's why!

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