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Here are some documents you may find useful:


Puppy Raising Guidebook

Click here to access the Puppy Raising Guidebook, which offers everything you need to know to raise a puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB).


Ready for Recall Webpage

This page covers the skills you will focus on to prepare a guide dog puppy for formal guide dog training, and what challenges might suggest a pup is not quite ready.


GDB's YouTube Training Videos

Click here to be redirected to GDB's training videos.


Example Sitter Feedback Form

Here are some examples of Helpful and Not So Helpful Sitter Feedback.


May's BINGO card!

Click here if you need to print a new BINGO card.


GDB Communities Link

Current club members: use this link to get to our Communities page where you can fill out monthly reports, see phase reports, and much more!


Puppy Sleepover Notes

Complete this form when sending your puppy to a puppy sitter.


Relieving Log

Use this form when asked for a Relieving Log.


Travel Request Form

Fill out this form when requesting to travel with your puppy.


RTD Ride for Free

RTD has generously agreed to allow GDB puppies in training and their (one) handler to ride for free. Here is the memo.

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