Hilee is a female yellow lab.  She was born on August 20, 2019, to Kathleen and West.  She is being raised by the White family.

The litter of six puppies includes four black males, Hamlet, Harold, Hulk and Hemi, one black female Hadley and one yellow female, Hilee.

Video links:

9.20.19 https://youtu.be/_J_QFY7EIyw
9.13.19 https://youtu.be/EC0d5zn5xt8
9.6.19 https://youtu.be/oXvopdP5yFY
8.30.19 https://youtu.be/cZyYIZGBIJs
8.22.19 https://youtu.be/ODF-JrJHrC8